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Buffalo or Traditional Scoring, We Have You Covered

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In an ice hockey tournament powered by StatMonsters, we can accommodate your choice of scoring system whether it’s Buffalo or Traditional to meet your needs. The end result not only saves you from having to calculate scores and standings the old fashion way, it also enhances the overall tournament experience for participants and fans.

So, what’s the difference between the two scoring systems? We’ll break it down for you.

Buffalo Scoring. It’s All About the Points.

The main difference with Traditional versus Buffalo is that in Buffalo Scoring, a team’s ranking or seed is based on its total number of points accumulated (period points + game points) throughout each game. Where with Traditional Scoring, game points are only awarded at the conclusion of each game based on the total goals scored by each team.

What Does a Game with Buffalo Scoring Look Like?

Point distribution in Buffalo Scoring can vary by event. For this example, we’ll be using the following point distribution:

  • Each period win – 2 points
  • Each period tie – 1 point
  • Game win – 2 points
  • Game tie – 1 point

You can see in the game below, Victory Blue wins 8-6. Under Traditional Scoring rules, Victory Blue would walk away with 2 points. But in Buffalo Scoring the results are different.

Taking you through each period, Victory Blue scores 4 goals in the first; they win the period and receive 2 points.

Second period, Nova Blue gets on the board with 3 goals; they win that period and are awarded 2 points.

Period three shows that both teams score: Nova Blue 3 and Victory Blue 4. The period win goes to Victory Blue; they receive 2 points. No penalty minutes (PIMS) are recorded.

In the far column are the Total Goals For and accumulated Points for each team: Nova Blue 6 goals, 2 points; Victory Blue 8 goals, 6 points. Under this scoring system, even with Nova Blue’s loss, the team still walks away with 2 points.

With Buffalo Scoring, even when you’re not winning games, a team can still do well in a tournament. Remember, a team’s seed is based on its total number of points accumulated (period points + game points) throughout each game. This allows some teams to stay in contention longer than they would in a tournament using Traditional Scoring.

Automatic Calculations and Bracket Updates

For events powered by StatMonsters, game results are submitted in the same way by Marshals whether an event is using Buffalo or Traditional Scoring. Scores are then automatically calculated and brackets updated on the StatMonsters Standings page.

Players and fans especially love this because they no longer need to hang around the rink to see where their team plays next. Results are available in real time on their mobile or favorite electronic device.

As you can see, using Buffalo Scoring’s point system can be a real headache to manage during a tournament if it’s one that relies on manual game reporting. A tournament powered by StatMonsters eliminates those headaches and provides you with real-time game reporting using whichever scoring system you choose.

This becomes a real lifesaver especially when managing larger tournaments that are held at multiple venues.

Create the Tournament Experience You Want with StatMonsters

Reducing your workload and helping to keep your tournaments fun and exciting are what StatMonsters does best. Whether you choose Buffalo or Traditional scoring, let us customize your next tournament so you can sit back and enjoy the action in real time.

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