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Managing Mandatory SafeSport Certifications

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Struggling to get your league, club or team SafeSport Compliant?

StatMonsters can help.

Enacted in 2012, The Center for SafeSport is an independent non-profit organization committed to ending all forms of abuse in sport, including bullying, harassment, hazing, physical abuse, emotional abuse, and sexual misconduct and abuse.

USA Hockey’s SafeSport Program has recently been updated in conjunction with the new federal law: the Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and SafeSport Authorization Act of 2017.

Some key SafeSport compliancy updates include:

Required SafeSport Certification now extended to all volunteers

Participants required to hold a SafeSport Certification include any person registered with USA Hockey as a registered participant member (players and coaches), referee, or in the manager/volunteer category. This includes locker room volunteers, team trainers, physicians and equipment managers.

To help track these certifications, host clubs can use StatMonsters proprietary software to indicate if a player, coach, or other volunteer has received his/her SafeSport Training and Certification.

Individual SafeSport Certifications can be easily uploaded and viewed via your StatMonsters dashboard at any time.

An example of StatMonsters’ Compliancy Tracker for adult volunteers:

Annual SafeSport Training required for all players 17 & over

SafeSport Training is required for all adults in your organization that have regular contact with minors which includes adult-aged players on the same team with minor athletes.

To ensure that all adult-age players on the same team with minor athletes comply with the law, (i) all players 17 years of age or older on or before December 31 of that playing season, and (ii) who play on a team in a classification that allows minor-age players, must complete SafeSport Training before being added to such team and prior to participation (on-ice or off-ice).

Keeping kids safe is a priority at StatMonsters. And it’s the reason why we provide a SafeSport Certification indicator already built into our registration software to help you maintain your league, club and team’s SafeSport compliancy each year.

An example of StatMonsters’ SafeSport Compliancy Tracker by player:

For a quick demonstration of our software, contact us at

For a complete list of policies and required SafeSport Training, refer to the USA Hockey SafeSport Handbook.

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