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On the Bench About Tournament Software?

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It’s easier than you think to streamline your hockey tournaments even for the least technologically savvy person among us. You’ve heard how other clubs and tournament hosts are taking it up a notch to deliver a more enjoyable tournament experience. It’s your turn to join them. Here are some key reasons why tournament management software is the new standard.

No paper = less work

In a paperless society from online banking to ordering your child’s school photos from your computer, online team registration is simply expected. Team managers enter their players’ information moving the workload off your staff. No more driving to the rink to organize paper registrations or collect payments. All registrations including payments can be found on one dashboard. Registrations can be accessed and approved by tournament directors from any device—anytime and anywhere.

Real-time game results

Even the most technologically challenged person can enter game results on an easy-to-use interface that records games easily and swiftly. Got a multi-location event? Having an online scores and standings page allows everyone to see results as they happen from all electronic devices. Posting teams and scores by hand at a rink are no longer necessary.

Flexibility in managing brackets

Anything can happen during an event. Tournament management software allows you to make changes on the fly from teams dropping out to player disqualifications. No need to recalculate brackets. Team management software does it for you.

Social media sharing

With a click of a button, game results can be instantly shared on social media. Friends and family can receive live game updates and share them with others. This is a great feature for those who live far away.

In the long run, tournament software saves clubs and tournament hosts staff hours, money, and headaches. It’s also been shown to grow tournaments and participant satisfaction. We should know. It’s what our customers tell us.

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