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Safeguard Your Event with Tournament Management Software

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As a youth ice hockey tournament director, the last thing you need is to deal with issues during your event that could have easily been resolved prior. Retaining the right tournament management software and support team can help you avoid the following headache from happening:

It’s day three of your tournament and one of your Bantam AA teams who flew over three states to compete has made it to the final four. They’re favored to take the championship.

There’s a problem.

As the kids warm up on the ice, parents have gathered, arms crossed. Opposing coaches are now huddling. One of the favored Bantam AA players had competed that morning for his club’s Bantam A team. Under USA Hockey rules, both of the negligent club’s Bantam A and AA teams are automatically disqualified from the tournament.

Alleviate Problems Sooner

With tournament management software and a dedicated support team, double rostering can be caught before your tournament ever begins. Together, they help safeguard your tournament against registration errors, missing team information, and unaccounted USAH 1T rosters and payments.

Finding the Right Solution

Not all tournament management software is equal and few come with the support you need to ensure a smooth, well-run tournament. Here are some guidelines to ensure your tournament management software has your back.

  • Teams can register for multiple tournaments you run all at once
  • Registration is simple to use even for the most technically-challenged person
  • Team managers can add teams, players, and contact information, upload official rosters, and make secure payments
  • You’re immediately notified when a team registers for your tournament
  • Registrations can be reviewed and approved from a single dashboard on any mobile device so you can do your job from anywhere
  • There’s a dedicated team to assist you from pre-registration through final game reporting

Having the right tools and support team in place not only helps you manage your tournaments more efficiently, they raise the caliber of your event and your success in attracting clubs to return each year.

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