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Youth Ice Hockey Dryland Training: Not Just for Older Players

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The early benefits of off-ice conditioning

No longer are off-ice hockey workouts just for high school and college athletes. Today coaches incorporate youth ice hockey dryland training for all their younger players to improve their game and prevent injuries.

Where to focus

Tailored dryland workouts simulate how a player needs to move on the ice. The skills focus on improving overall:

• Strength
• Endurance
• Balance
• Deceleration
• Stability


It’s never too early to introduce a youth player to a wide variety of training exercises. This is a great way to stimulate one’s healthy physical development and increase functional capabilities. It enhances motor skills, plus body and muscle knowledge. Providing a wide range of movement exercises, balance, and strength training also limits early specialization and adaption. It also helps to reduce the risk of future injuries.

As a player grows and progresses in his/her training at the high school and college level, a healthy, physical foundation has already been set. He/she is then able to withstand more intense and advanced workouts to raise one’s game and compete at a more elite level (source:

Bottom line

When enrolling your player in an off-ice training program, be sure that he or she isn’t overtraining. Dryland workouts should be spaced out to allow for proper rest and recovery.

Get workout ideas for FREE

USA Hockey has a plethora of fun, age-appropriate off-ice training exercises for players, ages 6-12 years old. These drills are designed to introduce your son or daughter to multi-directional movement skills, speed, agility, balance, coordination, rhythm, and special awareness (source:

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